School Council

School Council 2017
Please find the points of discussion from our most recent School council meeting below. 


  1. Red Nose Day fundraising:

    Red Nose Day is on the 24th March. The children have decided that they would like to have a ‘Wacky Hair Day’. The children will be able to wear mufti (red if they have but no specific requirements) and a red nose if they have one. 

  2. School Dinners:

Why do children not choose a school dinner?

Most children in KS1 are happy with the school dinners and regularly have this instead of a packed lunch. However, KS2 had a few suggestions about why they do not have school lunches and both Key Stages would like to see a revised menu that is in line with their favourites.

  • Expensive for portion sizes

  • Would prefer Yellow Band

  • When last on rota, there is not enough choice left

  • Deserts often run out

  • Would prefer to eat outside or in classrooms (Y6)

  • Hot meals sometimes go cold

What are your favourite choices?

  • Roast

  • Fish and Chips

  • All Day Breakfast

  • Chicken Nuggets

  • Sausage Roll

  • Burger

  • BBQ Pork on a Bun

  • Cheese Wheels

  • Macaroni Cheese


What are your least favourite choices?

  • Chilli

  • Bean Casserole

  • Omelette

  • Chicken Curry

  • Sweet Chilli Noodles/Veg

  • Courgette Sausages

Food Suggestions:

  • Toad in the Hole

  • Pasta Bake

  • Spag Bol

  • Carbonara

  • Hot dogs

  • Pizza (normal dough base suggested as French Bread Pizza not a popular choice)

  • Sausage Rolls (Meat and Vegetarian)

  • Enchilada – mild

  • Nachos

Yellow Band Suggestions:

The children in all year groups have expressed a wish to have yellow band back. We discussed that school meals should be hot meals but the children have suggested the following:

  • Summer Term Snack Bags – School packed lunches that they can take outside or to their classroom. Could contain sandwiches or pasta salads, fruit and a yoghurt (KS1 and KS2?).

  • Hot Wraps, sandwiches, paninis or toasties – BBQ chicken wrap, chicken fajitas, fish finger sandwiches, chicken strips in a wrap, cheese and ham toastie/panini, bacon and sausage baps, hot pasties and sausage rolls/slices. These could be taken outside/to classrooms in snack bags (Y5 and 6 only).

Drinks Suggestions:

  • Milkshakes

  • Slushies

  • Full glasses

  • More blackcurrant

Other Suggestions:

  • Questionnaire to be completed in school to vote for menu choices.

  • Theme day once a month/half term – suggestions include American, Chinese, Cornish, Mexican and Italian.

  • Range of sauces to be provided including tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and vinegar for chips.

  • Email a digital copy of the menu home as some have lost hard copy.

  • Another box on the dinner menu slip for desert choices? We would also need a system similar to bands to show their choice of pudding. Could this be laminated cards? To be discussed with staff for logistics.


3. Children to remind their class about the suggestion box (on the School Council display board) for children to share their views between meetings.


4. Date of next meeting– Thursday 4th May 2017