School Council

School Council 2017
Please find the points of discussion from our most recent School council meeting below. 

1)    Review of school dinners:

Due to recent amendments to the school dinner menu, the children are much happier and seem to be enjoying their lunch more. The lack of puddings for Year 5/6 seem to no longer be an issue and there were no complaints of any jacket potato fillings running out. The children are also very pleased to see that the Slushi machine is now back in use.

The children did mention the fact that they would really like to see yellow band return. They understand that Mr Bradford would like everyone to have a cooked meal. However, some of the children do not always fancy a cooked meal in the hot weather. This has been suggested before (for the Summer Term) and the children would like this to be reviewed. Their previous suggestions can be found under the previous school council minutes and includes: hot fajita wraps, snack boxes, hot baguettes etc.

There will be a school dinner taster day to be confirmed for September.

2)   Discuss Chinese visitors to the school.

The Chinese visitors were discussed and all of the children are very excited to welcome them to Elburton Primary School. They are also looking forward to the various different timetabled activities. After the welcome assembly on Monday, it has been agreed that the year 4-6 School Council representatives will stay behind with the Chinese visitors and introduce them to friends/games that they can be involved with on the play ground. JS has also agreed to welcome them as he has experience of learning in a Chinese school himself and recognises that things may be very different for them!

Year 4-6 school council representatives have confirmed that they will be attending the Chinese Meal at Pan Asia. The children are really excited for this!


3)   Review the School Council suggestion box.

All representatives were reminded about the school council suggestion box. They have all agreed that this has been a great addition to our school council display this year. It has been suggested that next term we should appoint a representative to keep a record of suggestions and review them half termly. They will also be in charge of ensuring that the ‘your voice’ slips are replenished regularly. It is apparent that this is more popular amongst KS2. Can we think of a more accessible way of recording KS1 suggestions next term?


Suitable suggestions made:

-      The children would like to see a greater variety of drinks at lunch time and they would like them filled up to the top as they feel that they do not get enough.

-      The children would like to see more playground equipment/ obstacles on the Junior playground.

-      Locks on toilet doors need to be changed as they are often broken or easily opened and people do not feel that have much privacy.

-      - The children would like to see more after school clubs made available to them.


4)   Monitoring good behaviour across the school.

Some children really liked the idea of introducing a ‘secret representative’ to identify good behaviour across the school although many had reservations about this. For example, they were worried that not all children can be rewarded as their behaviour is not often seen or can easily be missed. The children also felt that it was hard to objectify ‘good behaviour’ and were worried that children may just pick friends.


Some children felt that it would have been nice to have an area where people could go if they had nobody to play with. A few children wanted the option to take a book out with them/ visit the library area although we did discuss the issues that would be associated with this. In the end, it was suggested that the representatives in each class are in charge of some play time game cards that they could issue to people having problems finding something to do at play time. This will be discussed further at our next meeting.


5)  Devon Air Ambulance week (11th – 17th September 2017)

All of the children seemed very positive about raising money for Devon’s Air Ambulances. They would love to find out more about what the service does in our area and have welcomed the idea of the 20 minute informative assembly.


Mufti day (dress as a health care hero for a small donation) to be arranged. Provisional date: Friday 15th September.


  1.      Date of next meeting– Thursday 28th September 2017