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Dates for your Diary 

Below are some key dates for this term:

  • Wednesday 4th September (9:30am) - Foundation children start school
National Science Week
During National Science Week the children in Foundation experienced many awe and wonder moments as they observed and took part in science investigations. The children explored static electricity with balloons, observed as Skittles made water turn into a rainbow, created their own honeycomb and many more experiments. It has been lovely reading Tapestry and finding out that the children's curiosity has continued at home.
World Book Day
During World Book Day all of the children in the school dressed as their favourite book character. The children in Foundation and Year 6 shared stories together.
Mud Kitchen
The children love playing and exploring in the mud kitchen come rain or shine. This term the children have been encouraged to start to write down the ingredients that they are using and the menu that is on offer for guests. It has been great to observe the positive interactions between children along with some excellent independent writing on the chalk board.
Independent Writing
The children have been using and applying their phonic knowledge to write labels and captions in their own books. After labelling the animals in their books the children independently punched holes in the book and joined the books together with treasury tags.
Helping Mrs Tucker
The four girls spent a whole afternoon in the mud kitchen making cakes. Mrs Churchill asked them whether they would like to do some 'real' baking to which they all excitedly answered "YES!" Mrs Churchill spoke with our cook Mrs Tucker who invited the girls to help her to bake the shortbread for the whole school. The children loved this experience and everyone who had school dinners enjoyed eating the food that they created.
Melting Ice Caves
The children discovered some dinosaurs had been frozen in some ice caves! Everyone was challenged to release the dinosaurs from the ice using only their hands. The ice felt very cold but with lots of patience the children finally thawed the ice and played with the relieved dinosaurs.
Blubber Investigation
The children asked the question, "How do killer whales stay warm in the cold water?" We discussed how they keep warm and investigated by making our own blubber!
Trim Trail
The children have access to the trim trail every week. They love balancing, climbing, supporting each other and challenging themselves when exploring this area.
Rainy Day Play
In Foundation we don't let a bit of rain get in the way of our learning. Despite the field being wet, we dressed in our waterproof clothing and played circle games. After this we collected the leaves that had fallen from the trees for our art project.
Building Blocks
Our amazing PTA have raised money for the children in Foundation to use large building blocks as part of their everyday provision. The children are learning to take turns, negotiate, balance, build and work together to design and create some very imaginative projects.
Paint Blowing
We have been exploring with making marks, patterns and pictures using a variety of skills and strategies. We used straws and paint to make different pictures. It was tricky to blow the ping pong balls but we persevered and made them move.
Pudsey Bear
As part of our fundraising for Children in Need the children in Foundation had a visit from Pudsey Bear. We had a variety of Pudsey Bear related activities and even featured on BBC Spotlight!
Dunstone Woods
Our children explored Dunstone Woods. They identified the changes that had occurred during Autumn and found lots of objects on a treasure hunt. 
Physical Development
In PE our lessons this term the children are learning to control their body, balance and negotiate space in games.
Let's go fly a kite!
We took advantage of a windy day and explored the wind's strength by flying kites around the playground.
Messy Play
We have been exploring different textures and using our descriptive language during our messy play activities.
Our First Week in School
During our first week in school we learnt lots of new routines but more importantly we started to develop our relationships with old friends and new.
2018/19 Letters and Information for Parents
Below is an electonic copy of the letters that we have sent home this year. If you cannot find the document that you need please enquire at the school office and they will supply you with an additional copy.