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This is your year group web page. On this page we will put many exciting pictures, videos, information, letters and website links. We hope you enjoy looking at it!

Dates for your Diary 

Below are some key dates for this term:

  • Wednesday 13th June: Bags 2 School collection

  • Friday 15th June: PTA Summer Fair
  • Monday 2nd July: Parents Evening
  • Tuesday 3rd July: Parents Evening



Paying for snack in our shop
We are thinking about money. We are learning the different coin values. The snack station has been set up as a shop and all children have to choose the correct coins to buy their fruit and milk. The children have been taking it in turns to play the shopkeeper.
Jack and the Beanstalk
Throughout our Jack and the Beanstalk theme we have been measuring how tall our beanstalks have grown. We were very good at looking after our beanstalks and they grew very tall. We used the language of 'taller', 'tallest', 'short', 'shortest' and 'the same' to describe the height of the beanstalks we have grown.
Bean Planting
We are thinking about the story Jack and the Beanstalk. We have been reading and retelling the story using our story map. The children are also going to be thinking about Spring time and growing. We have started planting our own runner beans and will be looking after them and tracking their growth. Which bean will grow the quickest? How will we look after the beans? Which bean will have the tallest shoot?
Physical Development
The children have been learning to throw, catch and kick balls in PE this term.
Puddle Jumping
Rain did not stop play for our children when we had a spell of bad weather. They dressed in the waterproof clothing/wellington boots and enjoyed a spot of puddle jumping.
Pennywell Farm Trip
The children visited Pennywell Farm to take part in a Christmas Nativity. They all had a lovely time and had the opportunity to see the animals, take part in the nativity show, meet Santa and receive a present. Please watch the video below to find out more about our trip.

Library Visitor
We were lucky to have a visit from the library service. The children enjoyed listening to stories and interacting with books. The children were all given a book to take home and enjoy.
Finding 1 Less
The children have been learning to use the language of subtraction when taking away and finding 1 less practically. The children have been counting groups of objects and taking one away practically by moving the objects.
Trim Trail
The children have been learning to move, balance, climb, slide and take turns on the trim trail.
Balance ability
The children learnt to ride bikes when we had three days of balance ability coaches visit the school. The children all made excellent progress with their balancing and cycling.
Our Year 6 Buddies
The children in Y6 have been supporting the Foundation children during their first weeks at school. The buddies have helped the children to play at break time and helped them to cut up their food at lunch time.
Our First School Lunch
The children stayed at school for lunch for the first time during their second week in school. The Y6 buddies helped them to cut up their food and showed them where to go.
Our First Day at School
The children enjoyed making new friends on their first day of school. They played in all four learning zones and explored their new environments. At play time the year six children became buddies and helped the Foundation children to play new games and showed them where to go. Well done everyone, a super start to school!
2017/18 Letters and Information for Parents
Below is an electonic copy of the letters that we have sent home this year. If you cannot find the document that you need please enquire at the school office and they will supply you with an additional copy.