Dr Caroline Adams

Dr Caroline Adams
Name: Caroline Adams
Category: Appointed
Appointing body: Governing board
Term of office:
November 2016- August 2021
Governor responsibilities:
Curriculum / Standards / Achievements 
Register of interest: Shareholder and Company Secretary of D.A. Safety Assessment Ltd
Other governorship Nil
I am a retired university lecturer in psychology. My main areas of personal interest in psychology are child language acquisition and development.
I have been a governor for 16 years. Working to improve teaching and learning for pupils through strategic support and challenge is a role that yields both responsibility and reward. I have always believed that education is a collective responsibility and schools need to listen to their community, to all views, no matter how diverse. This helps our own knowledge and development. 
I am passionate about raising educational standards, ensuring that education is broad and enriches children's experiences. More recently I have come to appreciate the importance of creativity (in all its forms) in education. Educators often battle the balance of a prescribed national curriculum alongside creative teaching and learning. In recent years I have perceived a slight national trend towards greater creativity at primary level. Elburton has been quick to respond and as a governor I support all efforts that work towards a greater broad and balanced (and creative) curriculum and learning environment.
Attendance for LGB meetings 2019/20 4/5