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Welcome to the Foundation Stage Webpage
Nutley Lodge Care Home
Our Foundation children joined Stepping Stones Pre School for a trip to Nutley Lodge Care Home. We sang songs & started to build relationships with our new friends. We will be visiting every week to sing, read, play games & more. A lovely way to bridge the age gap.
Foundation Tennis Club

Foundation Tennis Club had fun this playing battleships and learning to rally. The club congratulated Coach James on being awarded Devon Tennis's Chairman's Award and nominated as Coach of the Year.

Lunch with our grown ups
We invited our grown ups in to have lunch with us. We showed the adults our routine and ate together. The lunches at school are very nice!
Music Club
The Foundation music club have been learning to play the recorder after school each week.
Investigating with Numbers

During maths, the Foundation children started to explore the different ways to make 10. To begin with they identified that 10 1s made 10. Using Numicon they started to independently explore different ways to make 10 by placing differing plates on top of each other.


Our Foundation children have been investigating the impact that Meteors have on the surface of a planet. We have learned the words; gravity, crater and impact and talked about the different sizes and their effect.

Exploring Gravity

The excitement was building when our Foundation scientists were predicting what would happen when gravity acted upon the paint traveling on the slide. It was an exciting investigation.

We learnt to ride bikes during a week long 'balanceabilty' course. Everyone learnt to glide on a bike and travelled around the hall safely. By the end of the week we were able to use pedal bikes as well. We all received a certificate and are now going to remove our stabilisers at home.

Children in Need

We raised a grand total of £452.12 for Children in Need! An absolutely incredible amount! Well done Elburton!

Popcorn in Phonics

We learnt the 'p' sound in phonics. To give our new learning a context we made popcorn. We had great listening skills when we listened to the kernels 'popping'. Sharing and eating the popcorn was nice too.


Stewed Apples

Foundation children made stewed apples. The skills learnt in this process were peeling, chopping, slicing, boiling and of course eating!

Food Tasting

To encourage our Foundation children to select different food at lunchtime, other than a jacket potato! Our kitchen staff have cooked a selection of food for the children to taste during free flow.

Plymouth Library Service
Our Foundation children were visited by the Plymouth Library Service. They all listened very nicely to a story and each child was been given a book to take home and keep.
Our First Week in School
During our first week in school we learnt lots of new routines but more importantly we started to develop our relationships with old friends and new.
Dates for your Diary 

We have a busy term coming up so we would like to make you aware of some important dates for your diary for this term and next year! Further information about these events will be given to you nearer the time. All parents are welcome to attend our PTA events and meetings.

Bag2School - 26/02/20

Pig Race – 13/03/20

PTA Meeting 7.30pm - 25/03/20

Foundation Assembly to Parents - 13/03/20

PTA Pig Race - 13/03/20

Disco – 20/03/20

PTA Meeting 7.30pm - 13/05/20

Silly Hair day - 22/05/19

Bag2School - 04/06/20

Summer fair - 03/07/20

PTA Meeting 7.30pm - 08/07/20

Infant and Leavers Disco - 10/7/20


Don't forget the bank holiday on Monday 4th May has been swapped to Friday 8th May

2019/20 Letters and Information for Parents
Below is an electonic copy of the letters that we have sent home this year. If you cannot find the document that you need please enquire at the school office and they will supply you with an additional copy.