Klub Kidz

September 2020
Please be aware that on our return in September the After School Club will now finish at 5.30pm.
KS2 will need to be collected from  reception.
KS1 will need to be collected from Klub Kidz Hut.
The booking system is now live for all sessions up to October half term.

Mrs L Yabsley

Please contact Mrs Yabsley by email - lyabsley@elburton.plymouth.sch.uk
or on Klub Kidz Tel. 07871196137

Welcome to all our parents old and new.
Here at Klub Kidz the fun has begun.
Unfortunately due to the weather we have had lots of inside play. This has allowed us to take stock of the items that are more popular for the children to do. We do try and get outside as much as possible so please make sure your child or children always have their coats with them.
The children have also started back by giving us a list of food that they would like to see introduced to the club. Some healthy, others not so healthy. We will however over the course of the coming year try to implement some of their recommendations.
On a Thursday and Friday night there is an opportunity for the children to work on their homework. This is proving very popular with the older ones. We have also been supporting some of younger members with theirs too.
The staff at Klub Kidz love to listen to the children read so if any parent would like us to listen to their child or children. Please let us know.
We are always grateful of any new toys or dressing up. So if you are having a tidy and clear out session for the charity shops. Please consider donating to us at Klub Kidz.
Remember any queries call in and see us or email klubkidz@elburton.Plymouth.sch.uk

Mrs Lucy Yabsley

Klub Kidz Manager


I have now been the manger of Klub Kidz since January 2009. Up until July 2017 I was also a Teaching Assistant within the school. I had worked in most of the year groups during my time, but spent the last few years in Year 2.
In Klub Kidz overtime lots of changes have happened.

Before I took over the Klub was very quiet. We have changed the food the better. Bought in new toys and games. Following this , each year the numbers have risen and we are now a extremely busy before and after school club. Recently we have moved premises. This gives us the space needed for all the children to spread out. KS2 have their own room which includes a pool table, a homework table , more age appropriate games. KS1 have the space to build train sets, role play and lots more. We have theme nights, game nights, foodie nights. Lately we have been Pebble painting to hide around the school.

At Klub Kidz for us its all about down and chill time for the children. We allow them to set the pace and activities.