Mrs Helen Sherriff

Name: Helen Sherriff
Category: Staff
Appointing body: Staff ballot
Terms of office May 2021 - May 2025
Governor responsibilities
Disadvantaged / Pupil Premium
Register of interest: Nil
Other governorship: Nil

I am a chartered management accountant with over 20 years’ experience working as a finance professional in a variety of organisations from multinational corporations to charities, a hospice, and local small businesses. I have been a member of staff at Elburton for over 5 years, so it is a privilege to be a staff governor and apply my experience to help the Elburton school navigate the challenges facing education.  

I have two children, both who previously attended Elburton Primary School and with 20 years’ experience as a Guide leader I wanted to divert and apply my skills and experience to helping the school community and contribute to “inspiring today’s children for tomorrows world”.  I believe that all children in the community should have access and the opportunity to learn and flourish at school and feel safe and happy whilst doing so.