School Council

School Council 2018- 2019
Each academic year, each class selects two new School Council representatives. We hold a meeting every term to discuss many different things. Our meetings and discussions are based on school improvement plans, fund raising ideas and many other important issues.
  Pupil voice is so important at Elburton Primary School and this is such a great opportunity for the children to share their ideas as a group to benefit the school as a whole.
You will find some useful documents below.
School Council Action Plans
School Council Minutes
Exciting Events 
On 28th March 2019, we plan to visit the Plymouth City Council Chambers to work towards a 'Plastic Free Community' status for Plymouth. We are keen to take action on single-use plastics and remove them from our waste to stop them from polluting our environment and to protect our wildlife. 
We will be working alongside other schools to find new and creative ideas for alternatives to use. As a school, this a big focus for us and we are all working together to think about how we can reduce single-plastic use throughout Elburton Primary School.