Stepping Stones

                                    Stepping Stones Pre-School
We have a Pre School on our school site called Stepping Stones. For further information regarding your child who is currently at Stepping Stones or if you would like to enquire about your child starting at Pre School, please call the Manager Cathy Price on Tel. 01752 401300.
During our Spring Term, the children are learning all about living things and are enjoying taking care of and observing the changes and growth in all living things.
The children enjoy learning and participating in a variety of themes throughout the Pre-School environment.  We recently had some wonderful creations from the children for our Easter Bonnet Competition.
The children enjoy quality time in the garden, where they are free to explore in a safe and secure environment and access all areas in all weather conditions, gaining independence by helping to put on their own wellie boots.
The children love being creative and are encouraged to use their own ideas.  They explore using their senses and a variety of materials.
Interactive Whiteboard
Due to the kind generosity of the Co-op and the local community, we are very fortunate to have our own interactive whiteboard.  The children enjoy listening to stories, joining in the weekly Makaton song and playing interactive educational games.  It is also a great research tool which is used to support ideas and themes.
Fine Motor Skills and Mark Making
The children are given opportunities throughout the environment to encourage pre-writing skills and strengthen their fine motor skills by ensuring there are activities like threading, holding a pen or pencil and using small construction toys.
The children enjoy a variety of healthy snacks and there are always at least 2 options to choose from.  They are encouraged to pour their own drinks and spread their own butter and preserves.  During festivals and themed weeks, we offer food and snacks from around the world, eg noodles and sweet chilli sauce.
The Trim Trail
The Rising 5 children visit Elburton Primary School's Trim Trail on a Tuesday Morning, where they are able to use all their equipment in a safe and secure environment.  They love indepently, and with encouragement, accessing all the different activities.
The Preschool encourages numerous mathematical activities through play in a variety of formats such as mathematical equipment, numicon shapes, small pegs and compare bears and introducing mathematical concepts such as smaller and larger, more than  and less than and sorting different objects.
Sports Day/Graduation
After weeks of practicing, the children loved taking part in our Sports Day/ Graduation event.  They were very proud to show their parents and extended family their achievements and a good time was had by all.
New Starters
It's been a busy start to the New Term, and it has been lovely to see both familiar and new faces. Our older children have immediately settled back into our routine and are able to show the younger and new children how the session runs and help them settle and have fun.