Year 4 Class Page

Welcome to Year 4
Hawthorn (4SG) and Hazel (4RL)

Welcome to our new Year 4 Class Page.

On this page, we have information about the Year 4 curriculum, home learning, PE days and useful websites for both parents and children. 

Mrs Light and Mr Griggs
What are Year 4 learning this term?
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PE Days
Indoor PE Tuesday 4SG
Indoor PE Thursday 4RL
Outdoor Games 4RL
Please remember we have a new PE uniform. Navy shorts, white t shirts, navy or Elburton hoodies.

Home Learning in Year 4


Regular reading at home should be a priority for home learning. We expect the children to read aloud to an adult for 10-15 minutes at least 5 times a week in order to develop their fluency, give you the opportunity to explain the meaning of new words and to check their understanding through questioning.

We strongly recommend that you read a book that they would not necessarily choose or be able to read themselves. This will develop their understanding and overall enjoyment of reading. Reading to your child has a huge impact on their progress.

We will continue to introduce a new spelling rule every Monday in school and practise it throughout the week. These weekly spellings will be set on Spelling Shed for the children to practise at home and will be tested on the Friday.

Times Table Rock Stars will continue to be accessible at all times.

A maths or an English task will be set each week. On occasions we will also set home learning from one of the foundation subjects.

What is Accelerated Reader and why do we do it?
Accelerated Reader is a computerised programme that is designed to improve children’s reading ability and to raise their reading age. 

The Accelerated Reader Program works by identifying a child’s ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) which is a selection of books that will not only match their ability, but will also challenge them and develop their vocabulary.

Each child takes an online comprehension test in order to determine their ZPD. Children will be directed to choose books from the class library that fall within this range. When they have finished the book, they will take a short, electronic quiz that assesses their understanding.  It also enables teachers to closely monitor individual reading progress and ensure that children are selecting books that are challenging enough to meet their individual needs. Teachers will have meaningful discussions about a child’s reading: what they have learnt and how we can help them to develop. 

Children are encouraged to read through an award system linked to Accelerated Reader which monitors the challenge, quizzes as well as number of words children are reading.

To access a parents guide on the scheme please click on the link below. 

Parents guide to Accelerated Reader 


AR Bookfinder 

You can help your child choose books that are both interesting and enjoyable with AR Book Finder.

We have attached a guide to this for your information.

The top 100 books for Year 4
What are the key spellings to know in Year 4?
Other useful documents for Year 4
Support Materials for Learning