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Welcome to Year 6!
Welcome to the Year 6 website.  We hope you find it useful for finding out information about your child's education.
Throughout the year we shall, of course, be preparing for our SATs as well as covering a range of Foundation subjects.
The topics we shall be doing in the Autumn Term will include the following;


English – Balanced Arguments, Street Child and Hansel and Gretel

Maths – Place Value

Science –  Humans and Other Living Things

History - The Victorians

Music – Recorders and singing

Games – Athletics

PE –  Yoga

RE – Beliefs and questions

Art - Street Art

French - We will be having our sessions with Mrs Burton

PSHE - JIGSAW - Being Me


Autumn 2019 Calendar
Monday 9th - Friday 20th September - Year 6 TT Rockstars Battle of the Bands
Friday 13th September - Roald Dahl Day
Thursday 26th September: Getting to Know Year 6 meeting
Friday 27th September: 6EM Class Assembly
Tuesday 1st October: Individual and family photos (Tempest)
Thursday 10th October - Morwhellham Quay Trip
Friday 11th October: PTA Wine and Wisdom evening
Monday 14th October - Friday 18th October - Bikeability
Friday 18th October: Last day of term
Monday 21st - Friday 25th October: Half Term
Friday 1st November: Non-pupil day
Monday 4th November: Open afternoon
Friday 8th November - 6PA Class Assembly
Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th November: Parents' evening
Friday 6th December: PTA Christmas Fair 
Monday 16th December: PTA Junior Disco
Friday 19th December: Last day of autumn term
Roald Dahl Day 2019
Learning about the lungs
Morwellham Quay Trip - October 2019
Bikeability 2019
During the week of Monday 14th - Thursday 17th October, the Year 6 children have been learning how to ride safely both on the school premises and out on our local roads.  The children have enjoyed the sessions very much and we hope they take the lessons they have learnt with them when they ride outside of school.
Science Dissection Lesson
In Science, we spent several weeks learning about the different systems inside the body.  We focused on the circulatory system and learnt about the heart.
We then had the opportunity to dissect a heart, which was very interesting and a little bit gory.  It definitely helped us to develop a better understanding of the anatomy of the heart.
Celebrating World Book Day 2019
On Thursday 7th March, we celebrated World Book Day 2019.  Many of the children dressed as their favourite book characters; we had a wide variety of well-loved characters: Mary Poppins, Harry Potters, Thing One and Two and many...many more!  How many different characters can you spot? We'd like to say, "THANK YOU," to everyone that helped make costumes, send in books and ensured that your their child came to school ready for a day of book related learning.
The Year 6 children took part in a wide variety of activities: book reviews, reading to their Foundation buddies, taking part in a quiz, writing their own versions of 'Journey' by Aaron Becker (which they wrote and edited with their peers) and even taking part in a Horizon Mat poetry challenge.  It has been a very busy but enjoyable day of learning.
Our World Book Day Poem

Reading is an inspiration,

Throughout every generation.

In everything we do,

There’s no doubt that it brings out the best in you.


Kings, queens, knights and more,

All read books inspiring their imagination to soar.

Of course the best of them all is a book that never bore,

Each and every book is written to thrill;

They shall bring out the greatness - you know they will!


A journey through the generations,

Gives us ideas and inspirations.

Taking us to unknown places,

Filling our minds so there are no more empty spaces.

Books are capable of taking you to snow-peaked mountains,

they are overflowing knowledge fountains.


Life itself is an adventure,

But reading a book is somewhere else to venture.

Fire-breathing dragons or a timid mouse,

A towering mansion or a candy house.


If you’re feeling sad or blue,

There’s always a perfect story for you.

Books are something we shouldn’t ignore

Because they correct our many flaws.

We love our books in every way

So we hope you have an awe-inspiring World Book Day!

By Sam, Jack, Ruby, Imogen, Lily S, Lily P and Zara (6EM)

Olivia and Dylan (6PA)

Street Art
We spent a term looking at the controversial issue of Street Art and have studied the work of Banksy.  They have produced their own graffiti images and worked in groups to create art with a clear environmental message linked to the School Council theme of stopping plastic pollution.
James Campbell author visit 
Recently, we were incredibly lucky to have a visit from James Campbell, the children's author of the 'Boy Face' books and 'The Funny Life of Pets'. 
We all enjoyed hearing about the inspiration behind his stories and how his notes eventually turn into a book. We'd like to thank the PTA for arranging such a fun-filled day of learning.
TSB Bank Financial Workshop
In the future we will need to become responsible citizens and develop an understanding of how we need to look after our finances.  As part of our PSHE work, an employee of the local TSB bank came into talk to use about savings and managing our finances.  We all learnt a lot about money and how important it will be to us in our future lives.  

On Monday the 7th and Tuesday the 8th of January 2019, we had the opportunity to attend a rowing activity where there were seven rowing machines and we each took it in turns to row.  We each had a go at racing against six opponents. Each rowing experience lasted for two minutes (which was inconceivably tiring!!).


After two warm up sessions, they coaches helped select the final team.  In our Elburton rowing team, there are eighteen of us (including two reserves). The rowing team is a mixture of boys and girls. We all enjoy rowing, even though it is ‘very’ tiring.  As for hearing the amazing news that we were officially in the Elburton rowing team, it felt incredible! Lucky for us, we will not have to row for two minutes in the competition. We will only have to row for ‘1’ minute - PHEW!

Not forgetting the coaches, Rhys and Haley, were also a great help so a big thank you to them both!

By Ben W (6PA) and Ollie (6EM)

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