An Introduction to our Curriculum

 The Elburton Core Values


Together we will be caring and thoughtful in everything we do.


Together we will not let disadvantages be an obstacle to success


Together we take pride in everything and always do our best.


Together we will achieve the best outcomes for all.


Together we will act with integrity and honesty

An Introduction to our Curriculum

At Elburton Primary School, we are committed to providing a rich and comprehensive curriculum that meets the needs of every child. Our approach is rooted in the National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, ensuring a well-rounded education that fosters both academic growth and personal development.

We have carefully designed our curriculum to build upon secure foundations, allowing for the progressive layering of knowledge and skills. Each subject is thoughtfully sequenced, planned, and taught to ensure coherence and alignment with individual student needs. Whether through integrated learning experiences or discrete subject teaching, we aim to explicitly impart both knowledge and skills, promoting deep understanding.

To keep our curriculum current, relevant, and inspiring, we enrich learning with diverse resources and experiences. By fostering cultural capital and nurturing curiosity, motivation, and enthusiasm, we strive to empower every child to succeed.

Our educational philosophy is firmly grounded in research and best pedagogical practices, with a focus on knowledge acquisition and retention. Through regular review and input from subject leaders, we ensure that our curriculum continues to provide the best academic and enrichment opportunities for our students.

Reading holds a central place in our school culture, with a carefully curated progression of materials and daily story sessions aimed at promoting both pleasure and progress in reading.

At Elburton, inclusivity, happiness, and ambition define our learning environment. We empower our staff to ensure accessibility for all students, fostering a culture where every child can thrive.

Our core values – Safety, Inspiration, Pride, Flourishing, and Respect – serve as the guiding principles woven throughout our curriculum, teaching, learning, and behaviour. They encapsulate everything we stand for, ensuring clarity and coherence for all primary school stakeholders.