Meet the Staff

Mr K Smithers

Headteacher and Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Lisa Birnie

Assistant Headteacher and SENCO

Mrs R Light

Assistant Headteacher, Curriculum Lead

Mrs L Clarke

Pastoral Support Lead, Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Miss E Marriott

Year 6 Teacher

Mrs S Bates

Year 6 Teacher and Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mr P Agnew

Year 5 Teacher

Miss N Jones

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs A Mckee

Year 5 Teacher

Elburton Primary School  - All Other Staff 
Should you need to contact any of the staff below, please contact the school reception.
Mr S Griggs

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs C Woodhams

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs H Jenkins

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs N Griffiths

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs H Poole

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs E Lake

Year 2 Teacher

Miss A Griffiths

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs E Phillips

Class Teacher

Mrs E Johnson

Year 1 Teacher

Miss A Collinson

KS1 Lead & Year 1 Teacher

Mrs C Churchill

EYFS lead and Foundation Teacher

Miss A Vincent

Foundation Teacher

Mrs T Sammels

Pre School Teacher

Mrs V Burton

French Teacher

Mrs C Fry