Safeguarding and Attendance


Safeguarding at Elburton
Your Safeguarding Team at Elburton are:
Designated Safeguarding lead : Mr Keith Smithers
Deputy Designated Safeguarding lead : Mrs Sarah Bates
Governors Responsible for Safeguarding :  Mrs F Court and Mrs A Clooke.
Contacts: 01752 404489 or
Attendance at Elburton
Every lesson in every day of school counts for your children.  It is vital that your child attends school regularly.  Falling behind affects their emotional well-being and confidence and being off school should be avoided as often as possible. 
Last year the attendance for the whole school was 96.36%, our target for 2019/2020 is 96.5%.  Please can you support us with this.  If your child is unwell please can you ensure you let the school know by 9.30am at the very latest.  Telephones are answered from 8.00am daily.  If we do not have a call we will telephone you as it is critical that we know all our children are safe.  Thank you for your support with this.