Mr Nick Copson

Name: Nick Copson
Category: Parent
Appointing body: Parent Vote
Term of office: July 2021 - July 2022
Governor responsibilities English
Register of interest: Nil
Other governorship: Nil

My motivation in becoming a Parent Governor was in taking an active interest in how Elburton Primary school, for which oversees the education of my three children, maintains the overall educational objectives of all the children in the local community, and subsequently, the interests and hopes of their parents.

I’m passionate about positive change and development for the next generations of adults, not just my own children, and being a Governor is an opportunity to help support those foundations in young people’s lives, and to help make the school of my children an even better place to be over the next few years.

In a professional capacity I’m employed as Marketing Director at Reach Plc, the largest news media company in the UK, and publishers of the Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Star, and locally, the Plymouth Herald, and Plymouth Live news websites.

I have been a marketing leader for 20 years, and have worked all over the country in varying degrees of seniority. I've launched new publications, websites and apps across multiple geographies of the UK, and managed teams with budgets of £2m+ across online or offline channels.

I'm driven by challenge, and by change, with excellent interpersonal and communications skills, which provide me with the ability to operate effectively at all levels and across all disciplines.

When I'm not working, my life is fulfilled with my kids and family, and when I'm not doing that... you'll find me on my bikes, or in my shed tinkering with my bikes. (push bikes.