Children's University

Welcome to the Children's University home page
Hello and welcome to the Children's University page! Here you will find information about the CU itself, what we are doing in school to help support children with CU activities, recent award winners and also information on how to get involved if you are not already! 
There were some exciting workshops and trips for the children to take part in last year and we are really looking forward to what this year has to offer! Lots of up and coming events are being planned as we speak so look out for an invitation if you are a member of the CU!
In school point of contact - Miss Greatrex;
The Children's University is run by Plumouth University as part of its Widening Participation Scheme. This brings lots of exciting opportunities for members of the CU to go to the University for a range of different activities. Keep an eye out on our website and the CU website for more details of events as they are announced.
If your child has reached one of their Passport to Learning goals, as indicated just inside the cover of their passport, please count up the hours, write this on a note and get them to bring it to me (Miss Greatrex) where I will then arrange for their certificates and badges to be awarded. 
The CU have a long standing rule that you can only be awarded with one hour per activity per week and they are tightening up on this rule. So, for example, if you play rugby for 3 hours a week, gymnastics for 2 hours and swimming for 4, you can only get one hour for each of these in a week so three hours in total. Passports will be checked when handed to Miss Greatrex so please carefully record your hours in line with the guidelines. Also please only record whole hours so if you do half an hour of singing each week, record it as one hour every other week. 
Children's University Achievements
The National Children's University website has been recently updated and it is really quite fantastic! If you are looking for an activity to do but are not sure of accredited Learning Destinations in Plymouth, go to the website, click on Find a Learning Destination, and then type in Plymouth to search!
There are hundreds of Learning Destinations in Plymouth for you to use and collect hours in!
Remember, you can use your Passport to Learning anywhere in the country. If you are off on holiday somewhere, take a look at the Learning Destinations near by!