School Uniform

It is very gratifying to know that our parents are keen on the school having a uniform and recognise it as an economical form of clothing. The school values this co-operation as it adds to the standards we are trying to maintain throughout the school. All our uniform is available for purchase from Trutex Schoolwear and children are encouraged to purchase these.


School Uniform


  •      Royal blue cardigan / sweatshirt
  •      White blouse, shirt, white / royal blue polo shirt
  •      Grey pinafore dress / knee length skirt / trousers / tailored shorts or culottes
  •      Blue and white Summer dress (checks or stripes) or culottes
  •      Grey, black or white ankle or knee length socks (no trainer socks)
  •      Grey or black tights
  •      Suitable black flat sensible school shoes (no black trainers or slip on shoes)
  •      Royal blue book bag (Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2)
  •      Rucksack (Year 2 upwards)


For health and safety reasons earrings should be small studs. Nose rings or other piercings are not deemed suitable. It is not desirable for children to wear other jewellery to school. Any jewellery and watches are the responsibility of the child and not the school.


PE Kit 


  •      White PE t-shirt
  •      Navy blue shorts
  •      White socks
  •      Elburton hoodie (available from the PTA)
  •      Navy blue tracksuit in Winter
  •      Sports trainers which provide full support (no fashion brands)


A simple named bag with a draw string is a convenient way of carrying and storing PE clothing. For safety reasons earrings must be removed or taped over during PE. Hair tied up for PE.




Children who have long hair must tie it back or wear a swimming hat. One-piece costumes and swimming shorts or trunks only. Please could we ask for no boarding shorts to be worn as they constitute a potential health and safety hazard and are not recommended as appropriate swimwear. Earrings must always be removed before swimming.