After School Clubs

The passion of all staff to go above and beyond the curriculum should be applauded. The offer for our children is broader than expectations and we are motivated to give the children the best experience in school as we can. This includes extra-curricular clubs. As evidenced above with the Platinum Games Award, EPS offers more after school clubs than other schools in the City and certainly in line with the most active schools nationwide.
There is no statutory entitlement for children to receive additional clubs. Staff at EPS offer clubs for all children from Foundation to Year 6, free of charge and in their own time. These clubs take place whilst also planning superb learning for their classes and offering the most effective pastoral support for families as possible. There has been a huge increase in clubs for all children this year as we recognise the health and social benefits. Please remember however, clubs are an addition to the curriculum and not mandatory. Whilst we manage workload, staff well-being and the capacity to provide your child with the very best learning, your child is unlikely to have a club offered every term. We do hope that throughout the year, they enjoy the range of activities available to them.